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Wish I Was Here

Moderately amusing dramedy about domestic problems, with a drizzle of quirk

In this dramedy from Zach Braff, Aidan Bloom (Braff) is a thirtysomething facing assorted crises: He has no luck finding acting jobs; his father (Mandy Patinkin) is dying; his wife (Kate Hudson) is fed up; and the kids are tossed out of yeshiva for lack of funds. Oh, and his weirdo brother (Josh Gad) is dating a furry. Most of this is played for laughs, while the more serious stuff is given the schmaltzy treatment. The meandering film is mildly amusing, but when it aims to be quirky or offbeat, the effort clearly shows.

The tale mines relatable situations, but Braff doubles down on silly rather than illuminating (which, done well, can still be funny). And somebody should stop Braff from writing terrible aphorisms like, "If you hide in a fishbowl, people can see you." Well, duh. In case you forgot, Braff raised some funds for this film on Kickstarter, so if you were an "associate producer," you might want to see how your investment turned out.

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