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Wild Tales

Revenge is a dish best served carefully in this darkly comic Argentine anthology

Six darkly comic tales comprise this anthology film from Argentine writer-director Damian Szifron. If there is a theme, it is that people under stress often behave very poorly and with violence; each film also depicts some element of revenge. It begins with the shortest film, a funny bit of misdirection involving a woman traveling by plane for business, and ends with the best-worst wedding party ever. Two other films — one about a demolition expert who blows up his own life, another about a traffic accident — are more explicit about civic corruption and the power of money. My favorite was the two-man tale about road rage (with class overtones) and its perfectly logical but breathtaking escalation of violence (and likely, a hat-tip to the road-rage classic Duel). Well-acted and -produced, Szifron's compendium might not deliver any fresh insights into the foibles of the human animal, but it is an entertaining, twisty and twisted examination. In Spanish, with subtitles. Starts Fri., March 27. Manor

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