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Up-and-coming ad man Matthew (Josh Harnett) bolts from a business dinner, believing he has caught a glimpse of his lost love, Lisa (Diane Kruger), who disappeared from his life two years earlier. Matthew's obsessive quest leads him into an affair with Alex (Rose Byrne), a needy girl with an obsession of own. Paul McGuigan's romantic thriller is a remake of the 1996 French film L'Apparetement -- with a few nods to Hitchcock's Vertigo and the ur-stalker flick Fatal Attraction. At times, the ride is amusing -- though the many flashbacks and split-screens may cause your mind to throb -- and just when the intensity should ramp up, the film goes soft (less remorse, more knives please!). Ultimately, the twisty-turny plot is the stuff of fantasy, trading on both the vastness of modern life (characters easily disappear to the other side of the world) and the immediate proximity of four people in Chicago, America's third-largest city.

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