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Why Don't You Play in Hell?

Japanese shaggy-dog gangster comedy sure to amuse fans of filmmaking

Your enjoyment of Shion Sono's new mash-up of comedy, gangster film and martial-arts actioner may depend on your patience. There's a pretty epic payoff, but Sono takes well over an hour to set up all the components.

Key players include: a slapdash amateur film crew who go by the moniker "Fuck Bombers" and adore old Bruce Lee movies; two groups of battling yakusa, one of whom has adopted the old-school look of kimonos; a 98-pound weakling fake-dating a gangster's wild-child daughter; a toothpaste commercial sung by a perky young girl; and the God of Film.

It all comes to a head when the two gangs go to war, and both sides agree to let the Bombers film the action. For fans of filmmaking, martial-arts movies and silly humor, this is some amusing, albeit very bloody, stuff. Brush up on your tracking shot and your swordplay, people.

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