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Why Branding can Make or Break your Business

Standing out in a local market can be a challenge for any small business, but having your branding established is an easy way to ensure success. Before we can get into the how’s of branding, we need to discuss the why’s.

Why Branding is important

Competition in business is inevitable — so being distinctive is key to attracting consumers. You have to be original and have your own specific identity for your business in order to stand out from the crowd. Brand recognition in a local market is even more important when you recognize that your customer market is smaller than those of larger, nationally branded companies.

What does Branding do for a company?

When you think of Heinz ketchup the take on the iconic Pennsylvania keystone shape comes to mind. That consumer recognition is key for any size business. Becoming a household name is no easy feat, but through consistency and quality anything is possible.

“Wonderful original content creation for my business! Amazing customer service ... when I didn’t like the flow of one of the graphics, they took my ideas and reworked it and made it exactly what I imagined. These young ladies are so talented and professional. Not your average ladies nor content. Highly, highly recommend these ladies!” — Christopher Conklin, ANicoleTay Client

Where does a business need to start to find their brand?

The first step is deciding on a logo. You need to encapsulate the essence of your brand in an easy to digest moment. Are you vintage chic, colorful and modern, or classic and timeless? Deciding what your company stands for and how you want to be perceived isn’t easy but that’s why ANICOLETAY is here to help.

“I have to be honest, the ANicoleTay Marketing team have over-deliver to the point that I was very impressed. I love the fact that they were very professional and communicated very well throughout the process. In addition, what I love about the ANicoleTay Marketing team is that once everything is complete they review everything with you to let you know what they have done for you and give you the opportunity to ask questions. Now that my logo is done and social media creation is complete. I am launching in a week. I have the confidence that because of their services that my business will do well. Thank you so much ANicoleTay Marketing team.” — Nicole St. Clair, ANicoleTay Client

What is the difference between good and bad branding?

Branding is only worth as much time and effort you decide to put in. Anyone can make a logo and design a brand but if it’s rushed and lacking originality it hurts more than it helps. It also hurts if your branding is so similar to your competitor that consumers can’t distinguish between the two.

Look at Almond Breeze and Silk Almond Milk for example. Both are national brands and arguably household names but their packaging is so similar they’re almost indistinguishable. These are, again, national brands so they can get away with mediocrity and still break even, the same can’t be said for local small businesses.

Small businesses marketing to their local community can have an advantage when working with a local marketing company that understands on a more granular level the market their clients are serving. For example, Pittsburgh is a very unique market, big city vibe but on a much smaller scale. In a market like this, understanding the varying demographics can be the difference between a great branding campaign and one that falls flat. Working with a local marketing team like ANicoleTay, already ingrained in the market who has a high level understanding of how the market receives branding, will give any local business the advantage.

What can ANicoleTay Customers expect when working on branding with them?

ANICOLETAY customers can expect you to have full control over your vision for your brand. We will take your ideas and perfectly mesh them together to provide a professional logo and/or accounts that will sync with your business message and voice. From social media marketing services to website design, ANICOLETAY gives their clients an experience from A to Z to make sure their brand can be strong! We understand not everyone is a marketing guru, that’s why we make our services accessible for businesses of any size to reach their goals.

“Both of these young ladies exceeded my expectations. I became overwhelmed with my clients and was able to outsource and use them to assist in completing my other projects.

The end product was like reading the desires of my heart, articulate, professional, and a very fast turnaround time. I will be using them again shortly and proudly recommend them to others.” — McNealyBee ConsultLLC, ANicoleTay Client

We accept clients every month and schedule free consultations at Anicoletay.com. Follow us on Instagram to see marketing tips and current specials and events.

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