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While employing the director's familiar nonlinear style and touching on such tried-and-true themes as truth obscured by history, guilt, subterfuge and messy sexuality, this period show-biz drama is comparatively light fare for Canadian Atom Egoyan. Adapted from Rupert Holmes' novel, Truth unravels the sudden and unexplained break-up of the comic duo Morris and Collins (an oily pair of thinly disguised Rat Packers, played by Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth) in the mid-1950s, as spurred by a young investigative journalist (Alison Lohan) in 1970. The film's central mystery - a dead hotel maid - grows less interesting, while the work's more intriguing subject matter - the complicated relationship between the two performers - is barely delved into. It's entertaining up to a point in a trashy, behind-the-curtain, artificial-bauble kinda way, but hardly in the same class as Egoyan's more complex and thoughtful works. (AH)

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