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Where Hope Grows

Typical family-oriented, faith-based film about guy getting his life in order by being kind for once

In this light drama from Chris Dowling, a former professional baseball player named Calvin (Kristoffer Polaha) is just drifting in his life. He’s unemployed, drinking and neglecting his teenage daughter, who, of course, is dating a bad boy. But at the local supermarket, Calvin meets Produce (David DeSanctis), a young man with Down syndrome, who, yes, works in the produce department. Besides his cheery disposition, Produce can rattle off all the PLU codes for fruits and vegetables. The two strike up a friendship — Calvin teaches Produce the rudiments of baseball (using produce — surely a ball is less wasteful?). If you reckon that Produce’s open-hearted nature will be the catalyst for Calvin getting his act together, then you’ve probably seen similar family-oriented, faith-based films before. There’s a Bible and some light praying, but the religious angle is pretty low-key.

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