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What To Know Before Betting On The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular horse racing events in the calendar that attracts millions of people worldwide. The world’s most prestigious horse race is also one of the most popular when it comes to betting.

The wagers for this incredible event continue to rise every year. In 2019, the Kentucky Derby set the records across the board in North America. The total wagers for this event totaled $165.5 million, which is up 10% from 2018 $149.9 million.

Additionally, the Kentucky Derby is the most uncertain race in the calendar where anything is possible. We’ve seen many times where the favorite didn’t meet the expectations and the underdog won the race.

This makes Kentucky Derby bets even more appreciated by the bettors since they can make a lot of money on a single bet.

Be aware, however, that despite the tips we are giving you below, betting on the Kentucky Derby is still a gamble and like any game of chance, you need to wage responsibly. Never bet money that you can’t afford to spend.

All of this sounds great, but there are a few things you should consider before making your wager on Kentucky Derby.

Things to Consider Before Betting on Kentucky Derby

Read About the Contenders

Since the Kentucky Derby is a globally popular event, most people that don’t know much about horse racing place their bets based on luck and without too much research. However, in order to increase your winning chances, you need to do a lot of research.

The first place you should start is learning more about the Kentucky Derby contenders. Learning more about the horses and jockeys that will participate in the race will give you enough information to make a wiser decision.

You can look them up here on TwinSpires website: twinspires.com/kentuckyderby/contenders

Consider the Favorites but Don’t focus on them

In most cases, the favorite horse will most likely win or end up in the first three in the Kentucky Derby. However, since this is an unpredictable match, we’ve witnessed many times when underdogs managed to climb to the throne.

Biggest surprises in the Kentucky Derby:
  • Donerail – 1913: +9100
  • Country House – 2019: +6500
  • Mine That Bird – 2009: +5000

These are some of the biggest surprises in the Kentucky Derby, where the underdogs managed to win the race. This means that you should also consider betting on the underdog. After all, if they win, you’ll end up winning a lot of money.

Get your bets early

Most horse racing fans don’t realize that the odds change before starting the race. As many people choose their favorite, the odds for that participant drop, which is why it is really important to get your bets as early as possible.

The only drawback here is the lack of information you’ll have, but you can still pick out the horse with the biggest potential for winning the race based on previous results.

It’s all in the detail

Most expert horse racing bettors know that the only way for improving their winning chances is by doing a lot of research. Since Kentucky Derby is one of the most prestigious races in the horse racing calendar, most participants focus and prepare all year for the Kentucky Race Day.

Learning more about the horses, jockeys, trainers and their previous history with big championships will give you enough information to make a betting decision.

Here are a few things you should consider:
  • Jockeys
  • Trainers
  • Race Style
  • Track Type
  • Distance
  • Post Position

Don’t Trust the Media hype

With the Kentucky Derby being the focus of all sports media in the world, it is very likely that you’ll run into false information that will blur your entire picture of the event.

It is important to get your information from relevant media sources and focus only on what the real horse racing experts have to say.

Exotic Bets Are Fun but Don’t go Crazy

Action is great for making the entire event even more fun, but too much can limit your chances of making a decent profit.

Exotic bets are perfect for a bigger payout, but they significantly lower your winning chances. This is why you shouldn’t rely strictly on them and focus on more risk-friendly bets.