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What Happens in Vegas

If this was funny in Sin City, it sure isn't here

If you've seen the trailer, you've already seen the best jokes -- and I don't mean the best jokes ever, just those that aren't as stupid, worn-out or badly delivered as the others in this silly romantic comedy. Fighting over a cash prize, a slacker (Ashton Kutcher) and an overachiever (Cameron Diaz) are forced to share a tiny New York City apartment as a "married couple." Cue the gut-busting observations regarding the proper and improper use of toilet seats. On the one hand, Tom Vaughn's comedy tries too hard: It reeks of frantic desperation to be "wacky" (especially Diaz, who seems too old for these shenanigans). Then again, it also feels like nobody bothered: It's a much-recycled plot with two stars reprising their default roles, and padded with expected extras -- sharp-tongued best pals (Rob Corddry, Lake Bell), a few C-list elders, and a gooey resolution on the beach, at sunset no less. (AH) [capsule review]

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