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We're the Millers

The lighter side of drug smuggling is examined in this comedy


A pot dealer (Jason Sudekis), a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), a nerdy kid (Will Poulter) and a teenage runaway (Emma Roberts) team up to pretend to be an all-American family in order to transport a huge quantity of weed north across the U.S.-Mexican border. (This plot device put me in mind of the 1978 weed-transport classic Up in Smoke, and the realization that after a couple decades of anti-drug hysteria, we're back to rooting for the success of drug-smugglers.) Rawson Marshall Thurber's comedy doesn't break much new ground, providing all the "hits" of an R-rated comedy: awkward sexual encounters, prosthetic genitals, profanity in place of wit, and a tacked-on, family-positive ending marginally designed to mitigate the preceding vulgarity. (There's also a strip-tease from Aniston, which is either a new low or high for the actress, depending whether your appreciation skews toward her acting or her abs.) Best reason to see it: Parks and Rec vets Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn, as a clean-cut couple who bring the funny without the f-bombs.

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