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Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are a pair of top-notch divorce mediators with a decidedly low-brow hobby: They crash weddings for fun, free booze and food, and to score with wedding-guest babes. It's reprehensible behavior, and thus hilarious. The stakes get higher when they crash the wrong wedding -- suffice to say Christopher Walken plays the father of the bride -- and meet two sisters. Vaughn gets lumbered with a sex freak while Wilson falls in love. Screech! Enjoyable tasteless comedy gets detoured into meet-cute romantic pining, as Wilson and Rachel McAdams spend more than an hour not getting together and sighing about it. Vaughn can't carry the laughs alone; Walken gets paternal; and even when director David Dobkin brings in his big gun in the last reel, the joke's gone stale. Oh, there's guffaws here and there, but this is a comedy that should have been meaner and blacker throughout. Weddings deserve it. Starts Fri., July 15. (AH)

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