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We Are Your Friends

This dramedy about EDM DJs is big, loud and dumb, but kinda fun

Based on its trailer, Max Joseph’s dramedy appears to ask: “What if Entourage were about DJs?” In execution, though, the story is more Tony Montana than Vinnie Chase, at least in the characters’ minds and those of the filmmakers. For the party people in this film, the stakes couldn’t be any higher: Electronic Dance Music is serious business. 

Zac Efron plays Cole, an aspiring DJ living in the San Fernando Valley with his three buddies. The fellas love to throw parties and smoke blunts and jump into pools via montage, as friends do. But Cole wonders, “Is that all there is?” 

Enter James Reed (Wes Bentley), a big-name international DJ past his prime who takes Cole under his wing and lets him hang out in his mansion, alongside Reed’s assistant/girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). Your memory of Scarface can probably take it from here. First you get the side room 9 p.m. slot, then you get the Summerfest ... 

Despite its overwhelming pleas to be made fun of, #WAYF (as the hashtag goes) is not truly terrible. Efron, Bentley and Ratajkowski are capable actors, and there are some genuinely funny parts. Like the songs on its soundtrack, Friends is big, loud and dumb. But like other things big, loud and dumb, it’s kinda fun.

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