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We Are F***ing Twisted Sister

Amusing doc recounts the decade of glitter and hard work before the band’s big success

You won’t hear Twisted Sister sing its mega hit “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” Or see any of those 1980s MTV glory days. Or hear frontman Dee Snider testify before Congress in the infamous Parents Music Resource Council hearings. Nope, this lively and surprisingly engaging doc from Andrew Horn depicts the long, slow and frequently crazy rise of the band, from the early-1970s glam-rock days through various personnel changes to being the biggest unsigned hard-rock band in the suburbs around New York City. It’s a tale from the dinosaur days of rock, when bands did pay dues — and play 10,000 shitty gigs — and then maybe got famous. Or, in the case of Twister Sister — played their hearts out, sold tickets and merch, and still narrowly escaped success time and time again. The band, crew, fans and assorted industry folks all weigh in on this amusing, glitter-flecked and sweat-soaked history. In the end, there are two saviors: perseverance and Lemmy.

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