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Walking To Werner


Inspired by a walk Werner Herzog once undertook -- from Munich to Paris -- as well as the German director's iconoclastic style and uncompromising ethos, filmmaker Linas Phillips decides to hoof it the 1,200 miles from Seattle to Los Angeles. There, Phillips hopes to meet Herzog. Things don't go quite as planned, and Phillips' film diary of his trek becomes a re-examination of his goals. His navel-gazing may test your patience, particularly when combined with his rapidly cycling emotions. But Phillips wisely stops to chat with a handful of odd but interesting souls along the way, and by way of pure travelogue, he opts for depicting the loveliest along the Pacific coast. Finally, while it's discussed only obliquely, I was intrigued by a conundrum the film depicted: In our modern car-centric land, traversed with freeways and governed by safety laws, it's not so easy to walk from Point A to Point B. But negotiating hindrances and re-grouping is the ultimate point of Phillips' journey. Fri., July 27, through Sun., July 29. Melwood (AH) [capsule review]

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