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Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago

A new doc follows six people as they traverse Spain's famous pilgrim walk

Lydia B. Smith's documentary lets you travel along as six individuals tackle the Camino de Santiago, the 500-mile hike across Spain. The ancient route was once traversed by Catholic pilgrims, and still today, many of the hikers regard the journey as a spiritual quest. But for others, it is a bucket-list-type expedition (the scenery is marvelous), or simply a chance to unplug from the world and walk for several weeks. (The Camino was also the subject of the recent Martin Sheen film The Way.)

Smith takes us across the meadows and mountains, to the hostels and churches that serve as way stations, and through towns large and small en route. The six walkers share their struggles (both physical and emotional), as well as their triumphs and their ultimate self-discoveries. It's a pleasant armchair visit to the popular undertaking, but be warned: If you like to walk, you may find your own feet itching for the Camino. Producer Annie O'Neill will present the film both nights.

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