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s a comedy that asks us to parse a pair of extra-judicial killings -- one of a Hamas terrorist, the other of an ancient Nazi -- thematically ambitious, or just overreaching? And what if it's not quite a dark comedy, either, but one that begins as a political thriller and detours into self-realization drama, with stops along the way for buddy comedy? Mossad agent Eyal (the charismatic Lior Ashkenazi) poses as the Israeli tour guide for an idealistic young German in order to locate the young man's grandfather, a war criminal in hiding. Eminently watchable if morally slippery, director Eytan Fox's film sports interesting dialogue and cheeky humor, and its shifting tones keep you on your toes. But its ending manages to be both pat and ironic -- a fair summary of the film as a whole. In English, and German and Hebrew, with subtitles. Manor

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