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Get Yr Blood Sucked Out: Barsuk

Sure, we've all had enough of husband-wife indie-duos (or whatever The White Stripes are supposed to be). As if to address that very issue, Kevin Robinson proclaims "So now we're shouting out, to warn we're coming 'round: Hey all, we do not fuck around!"


Kevin and Anita Robinson formed Viva Voce (and a more perfect union) in Muscle Shoals, Ala., before relocating their swirling cosmic pop to Portland. Rather than the primitive approach of many drums-guitar duos, Get Yr Blood Sucked Out opts for a textured psych-rock freak-out, with airy '60s pop vocals, ambient keys and occasional horns.


Anita's muscular guitar explorations owe more than a bit to early Velvet Underground, even as the songs occasionally echo the Flaming Lips or — especially on the opener, "Believer" — Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Speaking of the VU, "So Many Miles" is essentially an acid-drenched remake of "Sister Ray," though it clocks in at only half the original's 17-minute length.

The album's overall effect, despite the grim title, is a sunny disorientation rather than a malevolent one. As the band says, you should "pop this in the car system, roll the windows down, put on the shades, sip the Dr. Pepper and haul ass. Pick up that special someone. Then cruise to the lake and make out." If this record had been made 30 years ago (as it should have been), Get Yr Blood Sucked Out would doubtless be revered by a fanatical cult audience today. If only it were available in quadraphonic...

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