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From Argentina, a rumination-dramedy about acting and relationships


In writer-director Matias Piniero's loosely plotted tale, a group of Buenos Aires actresses performs Shakespeare's Twelfth Night (on stage, in rehearsal, and in one instance, simply reciting a section over and over) while also ruminating on relationships and their craft. Another woman works delivering packages (they seem to be music or movies copied to discs) and this leads to encounters with some of the actresses, as well as with a man who might factor into some of their romantic relationships. Frankly, I had trouble following along with the minimal things that were happening; it didn't help that the actresses looked so similar, though given the slippery nature of real-life-vs.-acting here, that may have been intentional. At 65 minutes, Viola is not very long — and even ends with a seemingly improvised song — but it's a film for those who prefer the oblique over the obvious.

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