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Vince Dorse's Untold Tales of Bigfoot

Untold Tales of Bigfoot
Vince Dorse

When Pittsburgh-based comic artist Vince Dorse released his web-comic series Untold Stories of Bigfoot in 2013, it was met with critical acclaim. (Dorse is an occasional City Paper contributor.) He was nominated for a Cartoonist Studio Prize and a Reuben award and the series has continued to be nominated ever since.

The comic begins with a lonely Bigfoot looking for a friend, which he ultimately finds in a hunting dog named Scout who has been abandoned by its family. The two forge an unlikely friendship, often hindered by Bigfoot’s limited vocabulary. 

Last month, Dorse began releasing a new story arc in the series. In this installment, “Devil in the Details,” Bigfoot and his dog find themselves in potential danger. Two men from Pitt & Krater’s Travelling Menagerie have arrived at the pair’s home in the forest and they’ve brought a net with them. 

So far only three parts of the story have been released so there’s plenty of time to catch up and find out what lies in store for Bigfoot and Scout. 

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