Lynn Cullen Live 06/23/17

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Expanded gambling is a safe bet for Pennsylvania legislators

They’re essentially playing with what is known in casino parlance as house money

Savage Love

Two people can be absolutely crazy in love with each other and still not be good partners.

Lynn Cullen Live 06/20/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 06/19/17

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Savage Love

Would most guys suck their own dick if they were able?

What can Pittsburgh, by itself, do on climate?

“We can’t wait for the feds.”

Lynn Cullen Live 06/12/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 06/09/17

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Alternatives targets for Donald Trump’s hate instead of the LGBTQ community

Trump spits out more shit than a bulldog on a steady diet of vodka-soaked Raisin Bran

Savage Love

“She needs to leave him.”

Lynn Cullen Live 06/06/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 06/05/17

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Dan Savage on the ins and outs of Grindr

If you are clear, guys seeking instacock have only themselves to blame for wasting their time on you.

Lynn Cullen Live 05/31/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 05/30/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 05/26/17

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Lynn Cullen Live 05/25/17

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Savage Love

“It was a pretty hard hit for us sexually and emotionally.”

The loss of Pittsburgh’s residency requirement for police officers could have a big impact on improved police-community relations

In 2013, more than 80 percent of city voters approved a measure making residency for police and fire personnel mandatory.

Lynn Cullen Live 05/23/17

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