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    Veronagal61 on 08/07/2008 at 11:00 PM
    Re: “Showing Colors
    I have lived in Verona all my life 47 yrs to be exact. It has changed over the past 3 years. ALOT!!
    First the curfew. I never remember Verona not having one. I never remember anyone I knew getting a citation BECAUSE our parents taught us to obey the law. Plus why would any parent want their young kids out after 10:00pm unless they didn't care because it was easier for them to be out running the streets causing trouble AND that is what they do than have to deal with their bad behaviour at home.
    (Does anyone one wonder if any of those citations were paid.I bet not.)
    Cribbs field is not a place for any children unattened. Back in the day Verona paid to have a caretaker for the field and it was safe place for children. That was then and this is now. The few times I did let my son go there he came home because he and his friends were thrown off the BB courts by older kids. I take my daughter to the playground and the language is so bad we leave. This is from both white and black kids. The kids fight,bully,swear,and destroy the park. There definitely are more black kids than white kids most of the times but the trouble comes from both. If you are a concerned parent DON'T send your child there unattened. Better safe than sorry.
    The After School program is a bunch of crap!! It is a place to drop and bus in "yes I said it" outsiders and I have I seen it on several occasion. It was not a figment in my mind Pastor Dilley. Most of these kids are trouble makers and are sent there to be babysat because their parents once again don't want to deal with them. Unfortunately the Verona residents have to deal with them too. Swearing,spitting on cars,beating up kids,sitting on cars,throwing huggies at cars,unrinating on the sidewalk do I have to say anymore. Tuesdays and Thursdays have become nightmares in Verona because these kids run loose. If their parents can't control them how can a group of a few adults conrol 30 to 40 of them?
    Paradise Gray you need to get out of the past and get that chip off your shoulder. Any parent who would let you mentor there child must be crazy. Instead of trying to build confidence in these young kids you instill your own hate and racisim for whites in them. You need to get past the days of slavery and let these kids know they can reach any dream with hard work and staying focused.
    Last is the absent landlords who don't care about our community. They want that guarenteed government rent check. So they put whoever fills out the app and get's the goverment ok in the apartments. Instead of a credit check how about a background check.That way all these Sections 8 losers stay out of our town. Then all the hard working,home owning,tax paying, citizens of Verona don't have to be called racists for all of Pittsburgh to see.
    ~~To the Verona police!!KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!~~~