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I wish I had cable again about as often as I wish for a really thick neck -- almost never -- but the two coincide with a vengeance now that ol' angry-ass Henry Rollins has a weekly show starting April 1 on the Independent Film Channel. Hank alone's enough to make anyone feel like a lazy worthless shit -- if his guests are as "awesome" as he's promised, this show's really only for dudes with HD, weight benches and Prozac.




Speaking of Rollins, it'd be hilarious to hear him snarl out this local group's name: Black Moth Super Rainbow. Not the burliest name ever, but I'd heard good things and finally caught its show at Brillobox Saturday night. We're Wolves opened -- I caught their anthem "Welcome to the Childhood Home of Andy Warhol and Dan Marino," which kills, in a kinda Big Star way. BMSR gradually revved up with fat synth blurps and pitch-bends before kicking into minimalist instrumental grooves reminiscent of a primitive Tortoise, or perhaps lo-lo-lo-fi Tangerine Dream. They won the alternative fashion prize, with sweatbands and their jawa-like drummer, Donna, under a hoodie throughout the evening. They're supposedly heading to SXSW this weekend.


Packed houses are the norm lately at Brillo, and they stop letting people upstairs after the crowd reaches a certain mass. So I went to the downstairs bar, where all the people you'd expect to be fashionably late had congregated. A wild-eyed Matt Stroud of Deek introduced himself and then me to Chad Sipes (ex-Soda Jerk). His new project The Chad Sipes Stereo is releasing a full-length April 1 at Club Café.




Since Lava Lounge's Wednesday night event Thermal began on St. Patrick's Day last year, everyone's a little fuzzy on when the real anniversary of the night is. My vote's for Wednesday the 22nd, but hey, I also find it ridiculous that Pittsburgh's parade was almost a full week ahead of the holiday. (Probably follows the same logic as state stores and beer distributors. What are we supposed to do, get drunk two weekends in a row?)


Thermal has enjoyed a growing popularity over the past year, with DJs Brad "Flash" Hlavach, Ian Friend and Sean Finn keeping the laid-back crowd going with a whatever-I-feel-like blend of Brit pop, hip hop, '80s and indie rock. I seem to wind up there most Wednesdays ... unless you have a bone to pick with me, in which case I'm at, um ... Sports Rock all the time.

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