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Radio Phnom Penh
Sublime Frequencies

Perhaps the closest relative in the Sublime Frequencies catalogue to the Cambodian Cassette Archives release, this is yet another in the series of radio collages by the Bishop Brothers (of Sun City Girls). And perhaps unfortunately, unlike the ravaged recordings on the aforementioned release, anything originally from the '70s or '80s blasting out of Cambodian radio these days has been re-mixed, just like the country's post-genocide population. But like all the other radio collage released by the label, this is more than just a song collection; it is a work of art. Deejays, often speaking English or French, weave over and under fuzz-fi organ and drums; snippets of news interrupt things just as one gets comfortable, only to be cut by longer excursions into the absolute joys of Southeast Asia's more hybrid and experimental pop nether-reaches. Ultimately, this is what the best of dreams sound like.

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