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From Belgium, an amusing new spin on the currently hot bloodsuckers

You really don't know what to expect from this mockumentary, written and directed by Vincent Lannoo. The premise finds a documentary crew chronicling the life of a Belgian vampire family. The film is full of political satire and humor. But the extra oomph comes from the horror side. These are not your Twilight vampires; these are somewhat traditional, ruthless, bloodthirsty vamps who must feed and have no remorse about it. Meanwhile, Lannoo creates some really great new layers to vampire "culture." For example, the family led by Georges -- played with bumbling creepiness by Carlo Ferrante -- keeps a former prostitute referred to as "The Meat" in a "fridge"; she comes out only to allow the family to feast on her. The other player worth a mention is Fleur Lise Heuet, who plays the family's teen daughter, Grace. Grace hates the vampire life and desperately wants to be human. She oozes teen angst and even tries to commit suicide. She fails, obviously, because she's immortal. Vampires is an entertaining and at times unsettling film, and the mockumentary style serves it well. It's a fresh take on a hot film subject and well worth a peek. In French, with subtitles. Thu., Sept. 8-Sun., Sept. 11. Hollywood, Dormont

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