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Runaway train (gasp!) meets Denzel Washington (yay!)

Sure, Tony Scott's actioner is totally formulaic. Dig the math: 100,000,000 tons of runway train times 39 cars of highly explosive chemicals, divided by two never-say-die railroad employees -- one about to retire (Denzel Washington), the other (Chris Pine) in his first day on the job. (Add to each man two worried dependents, two of whom just so happen to work at Hooters. Nice.) Now factor in a fake-o Western Pennsylvania city of 100,000 about to be reduced to zero by one problematic S-curve next to some fuel tanks that no train can take at 70 mph. (You heard it first on dozens of frantic embedded Fox News reports.) One smart dispatcher (Rosario Dawson) over two dumbshit railroad execs equals a fractional chance this "missile the size of the Chrysler building" can be stopped. Don't forget to carry over the conveniently visiting safety engineer, and multiply any potential catastrophe by one school bus full of kids. It all adds up to 90 minutes of logic-defying but crowd-pleasing entertainment. Starts Fri., Nov. 12

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