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The racial overtones of this movie will be impossible to miss for some, while important to neglect for others. The leash around Danny's (Jet Li) neck in this movie would seem ludicrous if not for the fact that black slaves actually were forced to wear similar neck ornaments in 19th-century America. Likewise, Li spends much of Louis Leterrier's drama with his neck yoked by his "Uncle" Bart (Bob Hoskins), a British gangster who dresses like Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazzard. When Danny's leash is unsnapped, he snaps, breaking fool on whomever's ass he's sicced on. Danny escapes when his boss is targeted for murder and finds emancipation in the humanity and compassion of Sam, a blind man played by Morgan Freeman -- who needs to unleash himself from playing these kinds of roles, especially since he's finally won his Oscar for it. (BM)

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