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A by-the-book throwback to those campy domestic thrillers of yore

If you’ve got a yearning for those domestic psychosexual thrillers of yore, here’s a modern one from Denise Di Novi. Well, modern in that it includes social-media catfishing instead of leaving hang-up calls like deranged folks had to do in the analog days; it’s not so modern in that you’ve seen every beat of this film before, and done elsewhere with more style, campiness and wit. Basic story: New financée (Rosario Dawson) is being harassed by her man’s ex-wife (Katherine Heigl). Why these women are fighting over a man-shaped pair of boring khakis (Geoff Stults) is left unchallenged. The predictable story gets a boost from Heigl’s portrayal of the very controlling, picture-perfect, well-to-do suburban mom; with her imperious stare, just-so equestrian wear and flat-ironed blonde hair, she easily recalls Ivanka Trump. It’s a lucky bit of synergy that won’t last — much like this film — so if inclined, head out sooner than later.

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