Trilogy: An Amazing Couple | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Part deux of filmmaker Lucas Belvaux's ambitious triptych is the comedy portion of the show; like part one, the thriller On the Run, and part three, the drama After Life, this not-quite-farce stands on its own, though it's ultimately more intriguing as one of these three interlocking films. High school teacher Cecile (Ornella Muti) suspects husband Alain of infidelity, but all Alain (François Morel), an international patent attorney, is actually hiding is a medical condition that will shortly require surgery. Told from the perspective of both husband and wife, An Amazing Couple is generally funny if somewhat labored at times, what with its mistaken motives, its blowsy secretary, and the comically suave cop whom Cecile hires to tail Alain. Still, the sad-eyed, long-nosed Morel does a good job at tasks such as suffering through a surprise birthday party, and viewers who've seen On the Run will be rewarded with glimpses of that film's story from a radically altered perspective. More surprisingly, from a shopworn premise Belvaux fashions a moving statement about a man who can't get comfortable in his own seemingly pleasant life. In French, with subtitles. Two and a half cameras

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