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Nicolas Cage chews the walls while holding back criminals in this predictable home-invasion thriller

Stop me if you've seen this film before: A wealthy man and wife defend themselves against less-affluent home invaders, but is everything as straightforward as that? Perhaps in the right hands, this perennial one-room drama might have some spark, but director Joel Schumacher turns in a clunky, shrill outing with predictable twists. Nicolas Cage is the beset-upon homeowner, Nicole Kidman his icy wife. Both spend most of the movie sprawled on the floor, yelling, moaning and begging, while the villains brandish (but rarely use) weapons and squabble amongst themselves. ("I told you not to use my name!") It was hard for me to care about the robbers, or the awful people they were harassing: Death comes to those who "deserve" it, but I was rooting for everybody to die, and as soon as possible. Starts Fri., Oct. 14. AMC Loews

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