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Trans comedy duo Girl God commits to the bit at Bottlerocket Social Hall

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Photo: Felix Walworth
Girl God
Interview questions are worthless when speaking with the sketch comedy duo Girl God. Asking if they have ever performed in Pittsburgh before, members Grace Freud and April Clark, who are both based on the West Coast, immediately launch into a bit about owning a factory in the area.

When Clark first brings it up, Freud declares  "I've been to the factory!" in a very "yes, and" moment, only to later add that she is also CFO of the operation, and earns a cool $1.3 million for the role.

It's all very silly, but it belies their reputation as an irreverent comedy act that, over the course of their current tour, has been tackling the punch-down antics of comedians like Dave Chappelle, who received backlash for making transphobic comments in one of his Netflix stand-up specials. It's fitting for Girl God, once dubbed by Clark as "the most famous trans comedy duo of all time.”

That tour will continue in Pittsburgh on Sat., Nov. 12 when Girl God takes the stage at Bottlerocket Social Hall during a sold-out event that promises to showcase two emerging talents. Freud has written for ClickHole, The Onion, and Funny or Die, and was hired as a staff writer for the hit adult animated series Rick and Morty. Clark, a comedian with an active social media presence, connected with Freud through Twitter. At least, that's according to various stories published about the two.

While the show is sold out, Bottlerocket co-owner Chris Copen says "the waitlist should be open," and that, odds are, they should be able to release a few tickets on the day of the show.

But back to the bit. Over the course of the interview, Freud and Clark weave a seemingly improvised narrative of living together in a "one-bedroom bunker" behind the Hollywood sign, that Freud was created Frankenstein-style with some of Clark's own genetics, as well as the DNA of late comedian Robin Williams and a "portly ape," and that they are deeply indebted to "various shadowy government organizations."

To cover the debts, Clark says she received an email from a Nigerian prince who will send her "a lot of money really soon."

"April, can I tell you something? You're a fucking idiot," Freud replies, before explaining how Clark has been scammed by princes from countries all over the world.

As for what Bottlerocket audiences can expect, the venue's website promises, "Surreal, interactive performances with jokes from a trans and queer perspective that are actually funny and not just looking for applause." Freud, on the other hand, says, "We're playing a game of chess for an hour." So, really, who knows how the evening will unfold.

"Expect to be turned on, but maybe not for the reasons that you think," says Clark.

Bottlerocket presents Girl God. 9 p.m. Sat., Oct. 12. Bottlerocket Social Hall. 1226 Arlington Ave., Allentown. Sold out, please see waitlist for tickets as they become avaialble.