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Track Review: Choo Jackson's "Space & Time"

Rapper Choo Jackson's artistry has come a long way since his days working with the late Mac Miller. In his newest track, "Space & Time" Jackson shows a more moody, vulnerable side with layered, melodic beats and finely tuned production, thanks to the help of Bradley Atom (Gengarcade).

"I can't find, part of my mind," Jackson sings during the chorus. "I get trapped between space and time / and my memories fall behind / forever is a hell of a time."

With a throbbing guitar-driven bass-line, "Space & Time" seems endlessly playable. Jackson's fluid vocals add a bow to the whole package, as he sings about lost love and heartbreak.

"And I can't lie / it's really hard to decide / if your heart is really next to mine / I'm seeing where the correlation lies / some days I really wish you were mine."

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