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Tornado Alley

These twisty winds look even more fearsome in IMAX

Tornadoes seem tailor-made for IMAX's large-format 70 mm cameras. Sean Casey's Tornado Alley is a 43-minute, all-too-brief look at the U.S.'s "alley," where 80 percent of the world's tornadoes occur. The film focuses mainly on Casey, star of Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers, as he attempts to get the dream shot -- a tornado passing over his custom-built, 17,000-pound Tornado Intercept Vehicle. Sometimes slow, this film doesn't offer the nonstop action of Hollywood's Twister, Bill Paxton's narration notwithstanding. Nature shots are occasionally diminished by the score's insistence on treating the audience as if they didn't consider a tornado inherently suspenseful. However, it's all worth it for the moments when tornadoes, hail and even just fierce, blinding rain are shown in all their natural sound and fury. Ongoing. Rangos Omnimax, Carnegie Science Center, North Side

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