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Top 5 Queer Coded TV Shows/Cartoons

A list of shows that feature openly queer and queer-coded characters that are friendly for kids and adults alike

click to enlarge Steven Universe
Steven Universe

Steven Universe

This show overfloweth with amazing queer characters and lessons about accepting and embracing others. For you non-binary folks, the “Alone Together” episode is a magical, validating tear jerker. 

Adventure Time

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline’s romance, the genderless/genderfluid sentient game console and best friend BMO are just three of the overtly queer characters.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were the first lesbian couple I witnessed on screen.

Gravity Falls

In addition to this show being an absolute hoot with a great story, its small-town officers (Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland) are an item, and it’s not even a big deal. It just is

Powerpuff Girls

HIM is the most deliciously queer villain, and Buttercup is a small butch baby.

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