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Top 5 Kenny Chesney Songs (For Pittsburghers)

In honor of his latest Pittsburgh party — July 2 at Heinz Field — we have the Kenny songs you need to know

"Never Wanted Nothing More"

... Than Amazon to pick Pittsburgh. Pretty please, Amazon. We’ll, like, convert the Mon into a bike lane only accessible to your people. And how does “Mount Amazon” sound? Or “Primeburgh”? 

— Sincerely, our elected officials

"When I Think About Leaving"

An ode to the couple of great, few good and all of even those sorta-kinda decent Pirates players who have come and gone (too soon) for 30 years and counting.

"Somewhere In The Sun"

... There is a street closed off to traffic because all those repairs that never quite get done are re-routing cars to the city’s four functioning-as-normal roads this and every summer.

"If This Bus Could Talk’"

... Ours would surely say, “Spare your horns, jagoffs; I’ll turn wherever, whenever I want.”

"Some Town Somewhere"

As in: some town somewhere is about to get trashed. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.) 

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