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Top 5 Best Pittsburgh jingles

“Century III Chevrolet”

The granddaddy of Pittsburgh jingles. Random shouts of “minutes from the mall!” can be heard at many a Pittsburgh gathering. It’s cheesy, but Lebanon Church Road will live in our collective memory forever thanks to it.  

“Molyneux Tile Carpet Wood”

The entire jingle is “feel the comfort of home, get to know Molyneux” (pronounced mol-ih-know). It’s over within seconds, but even so, it’s elevator music-sound puts you in a relaxed mood. Repeated three times in succession next to images of puppies on carpets. Awww.

“California University of Pennsylvania”

This old tune is the kind of jingle that goes perfect with college kids jumping in the air into a freeze frame. Grab your trapper keeper, your JanSport backpack, rock out to this 1990s rock-like jingle and head to California University of Pennsylvania, where it’s all about you.  

“Day Automotive”

It will make your day! Snappy and a little beach rock-y. It’ll put a smile on your face, but not really sure you’ll want to buy a car.

“Beaver County Auto”

Less a jingle and more the catchy repetition of the “buh, buh, buh” sound. It does, however, make you want to buy a car. Also, famous Pittsburgh athletes like Hines Ward and Neil Walker greet us with some “buh-buh-buhs.” Muh-muh-miss you Neil.