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To Be Takei

A new documentary traces George Takei's journey from Star Trek to activist and Internet star

There are a lot of great moments in Jennifer M. Kroot's documentary, which offers a peek inside the life of George Takei, once known only as "Sulu" from Star Trek. Takei found second and third acts in life, first as an activist for LGBT issues, and later as a social-media sensation. Takei has shared his life with Brad Takei, his partner for 25 years — and husband for six — who also serves as Takei's manager. The best scenes are glimpses of the Takeis during those mundane but meaningful moments that spouses share together. In one scene, George and Brad are driving to the mountains to scatter the ashes of Brad's mother. George opens a bag of corn chips while Brad calls for a chip by snapping his thumb and index finger together. He eats the chip and repeats the process as an unfazed Takei hands the chips over. This isn't a celebrity-couple moment, but an appealing everyday-couple moment. And this documentary offers time well spent with two endearing and engaging men.

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