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Three steps to build your own ugly holiday sweater

Follow our instructions to win best dressed at your annual bash

Ugly-sweater parties are a newer holiday tradition, partly inspired by a love of nostalgia. Holiday pictures from the 80s and 90s are chock full of ugly sweaters fit for merciless mocking. But instead of being embarrassed by the fashion skeletons in our respective closets, many have embraced the ugly sweaters of years past and celebrate them annually at parties. Usually these sweaters are either holdovers found in a dusty box in an attic or basement, or original creations made by bedazzling regular sweaters. But here at City Paper, we thought, why not combine the two? Check out our tips for winning first place at this year’s party.

1) Find an ugly holiday sweater.

2) Crank the wow factor up to 100 with ornaments and tassels.

3) Attach your accoutrements like you’re a living Christmas tree.