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Three questions about Bindley Hardware Co.'s three new songs

click to enlarge Solitaire EP cover art - PHOTO: JAMIE WRIGHT
Photo: Jamie Wright
Solitaire EP cover art
On this rainy, gloomy day in Pittsburgh, Bindley Hardware Co. fittingly dropped Solitaire, a slow-paced three-track EP that mixes country and folk elements in a soothing but dreary package. From "Future Tripping" which evokes feelings of a cowboy in solitude, to "Lonely Ride," which could actually be about a lonely cowboy, Solitaire's sparse arrangements paired with Jon Bindley's harrowing vocals create a mood any listener can relate to.

City Paper reached out to Bindley with three questions about the new three-song EP, out now via Misra Records.

How would you describe Solitaire in your own words?
Each of these songs maintains a common thread of self-examination and inner dialogue. As a writer, my first instinct is usually to write about external things - places, people, etc. - these songs are a demonstration of just the opposite, looking within. Production-wise, we wanted to create a specific atmosphere for each track. All the songs seem to have a disarming pulse and arrangements that are subtle and imaginative. We were inspired by a lot of J.J. Cale grooves and vocally, I really embraced some of my favorite crooners like Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak.

What song changed the most from inception to recording?
"The Truth" is a song that I had recorded a few times before and never got right. We did a couple takes with just me and my guitar and each time we kept experimenting with me singing in a lower and lower key. [Producer] Jake Hanner was really encouraging me to go for it with that lower register, I'm glad we did! Love how it sounds.

What do you hope listeners take away from Solitaire?
I hope that folks listening to Solitaire will listen closely and perhaps see a bit of themselves somewhere in there. The funny thing about loneliness and isolation is that everyone goes through it, so maybe we're not so lonely after all.

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