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This week's Letters to the Editor: Parks, Masks, and Trolls


Thank you Representative Doyle for supporting our parks!

Nature has always been my escape. I am comforted by the rustling trees and the sound of the birds emerging from the foliage. As a student of Chatham University, I visit Frick Park to take a break from my studies and decompress. The beautiful winding trails and the breathtaking scenery alleviate my stress. I am not alone in my appreciation for Frick Park; many people in my community hold precious memories among the trees of Pittsburgh’s largest regional park. Protecting these parks means protecting memories I and others in my community treasure. That is why it is so important that we support conservation programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The U.S. House recently passed the Great American Outdoors Act, a bill that ensures permanent and full funding for the LWCF. Since its creation decades ago, the LWCF had been repeatedly raided by Congress, which diverted over $22 billion dollars in total away from this fund that maintains our national and neighborhood. Thank you, Representative Doyle, for supporting the Great American Outdoors Act and protecting places like Frick Park.
Maylyn Torey
Squirrel Hill

click to enlarge RIP Bloomfield Shursave - CP PHOTO: HANNAH LYNN
CP photo: Hannah Lynn
RIP Bloomfield Shursave


What readers will miss about Bloomfield's Shursave Store

Hannah Lynn wrote a story this week about the six things she'll miss about Bloomfield's low-priced grocery store, which will soon be replaced by a community store operated by Giant Eagle. Our Facebook post asked readers to share what things they'll be missing. Here are our favorite comments:

▪️ "The playlist is clearly the answer."
— Ally Hannon Dodds
▪️ "I'll miss walking face first into the slowest automatic door in Pittsburgh."
— Justin Donatelli
▪️ "Whole rolls of paper towels soaking up the leaking freezer aisle."
— Jonathan Lye Dowling


Open Letter to Reluctant Mask Wearers

Some of you believe that the Covid-19 pandemic is a conspiracy to accustom people to greater government control. If you are correct that Covid-19 is either non-existent or not deadly, no harm, no foul. But what if you are mistaken? If you are mistaken, what gives you the "right" not to wear a mask? It is not a civil right established by law. Is it a moral right with which you were born? Weren't we all born with the moral right to be healthy?

No one has the right to deprive others of their moral right to be healthy. Non-mask wearers in public gatherings, if infected, are threatening others' health, a moral rights violation.
Richard Geiger
McKees Rocks


Tweet from troll who never once actually read our paper in the first place

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