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Saved by the Bra

Summary: A woman's life is spared, thanks to her intimate apparel. Station: WPXI Channel 11 Reporter: Peggy Finnegan When It Aired: Jan. 4 Running Time: 43 seconds Visuals: Several shots of the "hero" bra. Highlights: * When anchor David Johnson teases, "Bullet-stopping bra: a woman alive because of a strappy save." * When Finnegan informs, "A Florida woman avoids serious injury thanks to -- get this, I'm not kiddin' here -- her bullet-proof bra." * When she continues, "Someone fired a gun into the air in celebration New Year's Eve. She was outside enjoying fireworks when she felt a sharp pain and started bleeding. That's when she called 911." * When the woman says, smiling, "[The doctor] said I was very lucky because what saved me was my bra strap." * When an unidentified female friend or relative of the victim remarks, "That's what we call it ... a miracle bra." What We Learned: By all means, start buying more bras. This goes for you too, fellas. Unanswered Question: Well, what brand and make of bra was the woman wearing? News Value: 3. Bra-vo.

A Whole Latte Shakin' Goin' On!

Summary: Gulp! Someone drives through a Starbucks drive-thru. Station: WPXI Channel 11 Reporter: David Johnson When it Aired: Jan. 4 Running Time: 38 seconds Visuals: "Aftermath" footage rolling in an inset next to Johnson as he sits at the news desk. Highlights: * When Johnson tells us "[I]t was a jolting crash at this Washington County Starbucks. You can see the tarp covering one side of the Canonsburg coffee shop." * When Johnson adds, "Police say last night a teen lost control of her car, went over an embankment and into the store last night. The store remains closed while workers make repairs." * When a Starbucks district manager says -- per corporate directive, no doubt -- "Our main concern right now is the safety of our partners and our guests, and once we get the determination of the condition of the building and when we can get the construction finished, we'll then make the consideration to open the building again." Say what? * When Johnson concludes, "Two customers inside the store suffered minor injuries. You can see the accident caused the airbags to deploy." What We Learned: It's serious stuff when airbags deploy, baby. Unanswered Question: Were the injured customers wearing bras? News Value: 1. I think we're onto something here: how about bullet-proof bras that also deploy on impact?


Summary: Golly whiz, what's our wunderkind mayor doing at the scene of a five-alarm fire? Station: WTAE Channel 4 Reporter: John Greiner When It Aired: Jan. 5 Running Time: 2 minutes, 32 seconds Visuals: * The "inferno," as Greiner aptly refers to it. * Neighbors watching as fire and rescue crews do what they can to abate an out-of-control fire in Hazelwood. Highlights: * When anchor Wendy Bell asks during a preview, "The fire. The crews. The neighbors. The may-or? What's Luke doing at this massive fire?" * When Greiner relays, "Perhaps more than 20 people are out of their homes tonight from this fire, and a total of 12 units were burned." * When a woman who escaped but did not want to appear on camera offers her experience: "We left out with no shirts on, no shoes on ... no nothing. They had a pair of pants on and that's it." * When Greiner tells us that after the woman removed her children, she "felt compelled to run back" to knock on doors to warn her neighbors. * When the woman explains, "I knew I had a lot of elderly people in my row. And I wanted them to be able to get out. Because lives are important. ... All the other things are materialistic and they can be replaced." * When Greiner reports, "The mayor and city council president were on the scene and heard from angry residents who thought the vacant structure where the fire's believed to have started should have been torn down long ago." What We Learned: Luke must be on the same frequency as the tow-truck drivers. Unanswered Question: Maybe Ravenstahl just got lost? News Value: 5. So what's the story here? "Celebrity" mayor shows up at the scene of a fire? The story's teaser is misleading: Greiner makes one mention of the mayor, but it's not the focus of the story. The real story -- the one that gets a "5" for the telling -- is the woman who was concerned about saving the others in peril.

And a P.S. to my dear readers: Did Bill Cowher resign from the Steelers this week? I must have missed it.



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