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Summary: Fans dress up in homage to Lady Gaga, who has come to Pittsburgh to "rock."
Station: WTAE Channel 4 Reporter: Sally Wiggin -- in RED LEATHER Airtime: 2 minutes, 34 seconds on Sept. 6 Highlights: * When Wendy Bell burbles, "Ah, new pictures tonight from the concert Pittsburgh is talking about: Lady Gaga at the Consol Energy Center. ... Love her or hate her, Gaga is making her mark on pop culture." * When Andrew Stockey co-burbles, "Channel 4 Action News anchor Sally Wiggin with what you did not see during that sold-out show." * When Wiggin reports on the reporting of others (the way it works nowadays), "[A Forest Hills viewer] was one of thousands documenting a show that was futuristic, outrageous and rockin', preceded by a show outside Consol Energy Center from Lady Gaga's fans." * A sneak peak of the show, featuring Lady Gaga on a giant screen, telling her fans, in one of those curious English accents (think Johnny Depp, Madonna), "This is my favorite part of the show, because every night I get to give $20,000 to my favorite charity." * When Wiggin elaborates, "The face of Stefani Germanotta filled the giant screens and drew screams from a crowd that included her grandparents, from outside Wheeling, West Virginia." * When she adds, "And outside, before the show, fans worked hard this Labor Day weekend to honor Lady Gaga's fashion flair for the dramatic -- her 'little monsters,' as she calls the fans." * When a female fan from Bethel Park tells us why she loves the Gaga, "The fact she doesn't let anybody tell her what to do. She does what she wants." * When a mature Dorseyville woman shouts, "Hey, I may be old, but I am not dead yet!" * When another AARP-qualifying woman (in a pink wig) says, "I saw her on Oprah. And just the things she talked about, I liked her. And I said to my granddaughter, 'If she ever comes to Pittsburgh, will you go with me?' She said, 'Sure.'" What We Learned: If all these people voted or showed up for a hearing on Port Authority transit cuts, we might really have something to get excited about. Unanswered Question: What we did not see, Andrew? Lady Gaga wearing pants, maybe? News Value: 2. I'm all for channeling your inner Gaga. That's part of the fantasy: the belief that some people can do whatever they want. But this is some lazy reporting that even the rockin'-in-her-own-right, red-leather-wearing Sally Wiggin can't distract me from.

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