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This Just In: September 30 - October 7 

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Die, Stink Bug, Die!

Summary: Everyone has their knickers in a knot over stink bugs, and Channel 4 solicits expert advice on how to rid yourself of this plague! Reporter: Keith Jones, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 2 minutes, 11 seconds on Sept. 23 Highlights: * When anchor Wendy Bell announces, "Found one on a lampshade today. They're just so gross! Stink bugs are everywhere, invading homes all over Pittsburgh." * When anchor Michelle Wright tells us that viewers have been pleading for answers: "We have been getting plenty of phone calls and e-mails from families looking for help." * When Jones reports, "Experts say it's an epidemic and quite frankly, it stinks ... You may know what they look like, but how to get rid of them? Well, that's a mystery." * When we see the stained hands of a woman tagged as "LIVING WITH STINK BUGS" who has been killing the insects with her bare hands. When Jones continues, "[This Monaca woman] is fed up ... so she's taking matters into her own hands, literally. Check out those stains from picking stink bugs off the siding of her house." * When the woman describes the dire emergency, "I mean, we're sitting around the kitchen table, and you hear this bzzz, bzzz, bzzz." She adds, "I'm going to stop doing that, because it seems like now there's more than there was the day before." * When Jones explains, "That's because these stink bugs release an odor when they die that attracts even more stink bugs. So what do you do?" * When Jones asks an exterminator, "So some viewers on Facebook have their own ways to get rid of these stink bugs. Here's a list of them. Just answer yes or no. Vacuum?" * When, after being presented with each method, the exterminator proceeds to not answer yes or no: "Very effective once they get into the interior of the home. ... Ah, vinegar spray would probably just move them a little bit. Rubbing alcohol will kill anything if you drop 'em into a jar ... " * When Jones adds, "[He] said dishwashing detergent, Solarcaine, Windex and just turning up the A/C doesn't work. ... Something that will work: any over-the-counter bug spray, but seal your home first."  What We Learned: Having bugs bites! Unanswered Question: Do you think we should try vinegar spray on politicians? News Value: 3. For godssakes, they're stink bugs, not scorpions. But if you're annoyed, the Terminex guy offers some sound advice. I haven't heard of "death by stink bug" yet, but I'm sure Channel 4 will be on it if it ever happens.



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