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This Just In: September 24 - October 1 

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Paper and Fire

Summary: A former newspaper executive's death scares a woman named Melissa. Reporter: Alan Jennings, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 39 seconds on Sept.18 Visuals: * The caption, "Fiery Crime." * A map pinpointing the location of a fire set in the victim's apartment. Highlights: * When Jennings huffs, "The death of 75-year-old Mike Jones [a former executive with the Tribune-Review] was officially ruled a homicide. ... [T]he case has sent a chill through the air." * When a "concerned neighbor," identified only as "Melissa," comments, "My husband was out of town last night, and let's just say I made sure all the doors were locked." * When Jennings notes, "But not everyone is so shaken by the crime" and another resident remarks, "[O]bviously it was an individual thing that happened. I don't think there's anything to worry about for other people." * When Jennings reports, "The suspect remains at large. ... For Melissa, a day in Ligonier she would rather forget. * When Melissa says, "I was definitely more nervous than normal. It's shocking, 'cuz it seems like such a, you know, friendly neighborhood." What We Learned: Working in the news business is no protection against sensationalized coverage of your death. Unanswered Question: One frightened woman is proof that a town is gripped by fear? News Value: 1. It's always shocking, Melissa. And it often happens in friendly neighborhoods. Don't you know that by now?


Paper and Fire, Part Deux

Summary: A break in the Ligonier case. Reporter: Alan Jennings, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 24 seconds on Sept. 19 Visuals: * Jennings, standing in a field, God knows where. But I bet it wasn't Ligonier. Highlights: * When Jennings puffs, "D.A. John Peck is right now holding a news conference. We do have information though from the criminal complaint. I must warn you some of these details are graphic. ... [D]etectives have arrested Anthony Blaine Mowry, a 19-year-old white male, apparently from Ligonier, arrested in Fort Hood, Texas, today, and admitted that he had a few drinks with the victim, Mike Jones. ... [Blaine] has told detectives that he first beat Jones with chimes from a grandfather clock, then a candlestick." What We Learned: Ask not for whom the grandfather clock tolls ... Unanswered Question: Why were a 19-year-old and a 75-year-old drinking together? News Value: 2. Breaking news gets you one extra point.



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