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Take a Walk on the South Side, Part I

Summary: Vandals strike the South Side, and residents are pissed. Reporter: Alan Jennings, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 8 seconds on Sept. 17 Highlights: * When Jennings narrates, "The South Side looks like a quiet, wonderful neighborhood by day. At night, on the weekends, it transforms itself, according to neighbors, into a party atmosphere that residents are now despising. Vandals, they claim, have been smashing car windows and mirrors. One resident had a brand-new car trashed." * When a witness says, "They put a dent above her front window and there were footprints on her car as if they were dancing." * What We Learned: If you live on the South Side, opt for the lowest auto-insurance deductible! Unanswered Question: Where are the cops when you need them? Oh wait -- they're getting drunk, too. News Value: 4. Residents are "now despising"? This has been a battle for years.


Take a Walk on the South Side, Part II

Summary: LSD hits the Flats! Reporter: Alan Jennings (again) Airtime: 2 minutes, 8 seconds on Sept. 17 Highlights:  * When a breathless Jennings warns, "LSD is back on the streets. ... We've been here at [the South Side's] Cupples Stadium all afternoon flushing out the facts of this story and talking to some parents who are obviously really angry. ... And the toughest and the craziest part about this? It was in the hands of two Allderdice high school students who were apparently trying to peddle this potion." * When Jennings reveals, "The Pittsburgh School District never made the LSD arrest public until we discovered [it]." * When Jennings adds, "One mom we talked to outside was concerned, but not in a panic, even though I told her about the LSD." She says, "Um, it's everywhere. And the way I look at it, it's up to the parent to know what's going on with your kid." Unanswered Question: Where aren't drugs? What We Learned: When Jennings tells you about drugs, you're supposed to recognize your cue and panic. News Value: 2. This is an isolated incident, but Pittsburgh City Councilor Bruce Kraus, who represents the South Side, has his work cut out for him.

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