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Black and Gold -- and Gray!

Summary: A nonagenarian shows off her new tat. Reporter: Shannon Perrine, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 46 seconds on Sept. 8 Visuals: * The lovely and animated Ms. Agnes Falls festooned in black and gold from head to toe at a Steelers tailgate party, where she flashes some new sleeve ink. Highlights: * When Perrine announces, "There are Steelers fans, and then there are Steelers fans. Agnes Falls is 90 years old, and we caught up with her at today's game. Agnes just recently got a black-and-gold tattoo on her arm. Her family thought of the idea." * When Ms. Falls recalls, "The kids said they had something to take me to, and it was free. I said, 'Well, anything free, I'm going.' The first thing I knew I was told to sit down and then the guy came out with all his tools started on a tattoo. I said, 'Well, go 'head.'" * When Perrine adds, "Agnes got the ink for her birthday. You think they kinda bullied her into that, or you think she did that of her own volition?" * When anchor Jake Ploeger responds, "I dunno. I'm just thankful she got it on her arm." What We Learned: Be kind to your kids. Someday, they're going to pick your nursing home -- and your tattoo! Unanswered Question: What, Jake -- you don't like the idea of a tattoo on a 90-YEAR-OLD ASS? News Value: 4. Groovy, Agnes. Just groovy. And the evening news didn't even make you out to be a crazy lady.


Put Your Love to the Test(osterone)

Summary: Some time in the future -- Lord only knows when -- there will be a treatment for women with sexual dysfunction. Reporter: Dr. Maria Simbra, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 6 seconds on Sept. 12 Visuals: * The smiling, in-love couple sashaying around a scenic green space. Highlights: * When anchor Kristine Sorensen reports, "There are several advertisements targeted at men with erectile dysfunction, but there isn't much offered to help women with their sexual struggles. But that tide is slowly turning." * When Simbra begins, "Forty-five percent of women 50 years and older report having some degree of sexual dysfunction. As opposed to male sexual dysfunction, female problems have received comparatively little attention." * When Simbra narrates, "[This couple has] been in love for decades. So when [this female partner's] libido tanked after a hysterectomy, it was a loss for both of them ... [she] had trouble finding someone who wouldn't dismiss her problems as a mental one." * When a "medical sexologist" breaks down the treatment: "We're replacing estrogen ..." * When Simbra says, "This is largely unexplored medical territory. So most treatments are used off-label, like testosterone gel." What We Learned: We've got a long way to go, baby. Unanswered Question: Are women really trailing this far behind Viva-frickin'-Viagra? News Value: 3. This report is like white noise: It makes a somewhat soothing sound, but isn't sending a clear message.

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