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Summary: A man on an ATV ambushes some golfers and gets away with a whopping $80 -- for an entire 24 hours. Reporter: Bob Allen, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 11 seconds on Sept. 11 Visuals: * The scar on a robbery victim's face where the robber hit him with a shotgun. * The 14th  hole -- a par 3 -- at leafy Linden Hall in Dawson, Fayette County. Highlights: * When Allen opens, "Golfers come to the Linden Hall golf course ... for fun, relaxation and a little competition. It's the last place anyone would expect an armed robbery on the greens. But it happened to [this man] and three friends between the 14th and 15th holes." * When one victim, who is ID'd as "Robbed on Golf Course," says, "A guy come up outta the woods, had a mask on, ordered us on the ground. Then he wanted us to empty our pockets on the ground." * When Allen reports, "[This man] says at first they didn't take the robber seriously, but when the [now-identified] suspect ... shoved him, he got mad." * When the golfer recounts, "I whacked him with my putter one time, and then he kinda backed off. But he come back at us, kept ordering us to put money on the ground or empty our pockets on the ground, and I threw mine on the ground and when he reached for it, I was gonna get him good but he [threw] his gun up in the air and broke my putter." * When Allen adds, "[The man] says the robber hit him in the face with a shotgun, then escaped into the woods on an ATV. The robber took about $80, but police arrested him in 24 hours." * When the general manager of Linden Hall remarks, "The state police that investigated said it's the first time in 12 years on the job that he's ever investigated anything on the golf course as far as robbery." * When the stalwart golfer explains he wouldn't have done anything different, even though he could have been shot: "I don't like somebody taking what's mine, and I wasn't gonna let him get away with it." * When Allen ends, "This is an 800-acre golf course surrounded by heavy forest on all sides here in the Laurel Mountains. Management says they have no plans to increase security. They say they'll consider this an isolated incident." What We Learned: When you've got a getaway vehicle, and you're going to rob a bunch of people who use expensive sporting equipment, by all means -- take the $80, not the golf clubs. Unanswered Question: Come on -- if he really had to do it all over again, don't you think the robbery victim might have used a driver instead? News Value: 5. Allen lets the story tell itself, rather than try to hype it up with a lot of contrived drama. 

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