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This Just In: September 16 - 23 

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Ohhhhhhh Positive!

Summary: A Central Blood Bank employee gives new meaning to the term "flash drive."  Reporter: David Highfield, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 2 minutes, 42 seconds on Sept. 10 Highlights: * When anchor Ken Rice alerts us: "Quite a shock during a presentation at a local high school auditorium. ... The senior class of Norwin High School thought they were gonna see a presentation on blood donation, but graphic images appeared instead." * When Highfield reports, "The Central Blood Bank employee has been suspended. Police are now investigating this, and the school district sent home this letter of apology. Now, the Central Blood Bsank says that the images were on the employee's personal flash drive." * When a male student who witnessed the "presentation" sums it up: "He put his flash drive in, and just, all this stuff popped up." He goes on to describe the images: "[m]ale genitalia and things of that nature." * When Highfield gives us gritty details: "Students say it was four or five pictures, one of which showed a sex act." * When another male senior says, "It's embarrassing that ... had to happen to that man, I feel bad for him -- but it was funny, I'm not gonna lie." * When Highfield continues, "The school contacted North Huntingdon police and the district attorney's office. The sergeant here tells me they're just beginning their investigation, and they haven't interviewed any witnesses yet." * Highfield: "The school sent home letters to parents ... [one] from the Blood Bank, which reads, quote, 'We sincerely apologize for this situation. We conduct all operations in a legal and ethical manner, and all employees are expected to meet our high moral and ethical standards.'" * When a student's aunt says, "It's absolutely absurd that it's even possible that it happened." * When Highfield emphasizes, "This was a PowerPoint presentation. The Blood Bank says that employees are not allowed to use flash drives for presentations. They're also supposed to preview their presentations with superiors, something they say this employee did not do. Now police tell me it's unclear if there could be charges in this case." What We Learned: Showing "things of that nature" can land you in big trouble. Unanswered Questions: How much "investigation" do you suppose is necessary here? News Value: 0. Entertainment Value: 10 inches. There's probably worse stuff on a lot of these kids' cell phones. An unfortunate mistake, but hey -- maybe there are opportunities in sperm-bank donation.



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