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This Just In: October 30 - November 6 

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Redux Deluxe

Summary: Another installment of the "Conveniently Green" series, featuring a local shop that sells recycled wares. Reporter: Kelly Frey, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 1 minute, 39 seconds on Oct. 23 Visuals: * Assorted works of art, many of them functional, inside a quirky Lawrenceville shop. * Frey, with the same TV-reporter hairdo she's had since, like, forever. Highlights: * When Frey opens: "Step inside Fresh Heirlooms here in Lawrenceville and expect to be surprised. Everything in this store is unique, original, reused or recycled. For example, take a look at this -- can you see what this is? It used to be an old Subway sandwich-shop sign. Now, it's been made into this incredible desk." * When she adds, "It's a potpourri of products. Something catches your eye at every turn." * When owner Lindsay Woge shows off one of her creations: "This was a wine bottle that was cut in half exactly, and then the top was flipped over and heat-sealed on the bottom to create a really unique drinking vessel." * When Frey rambles on about the selection: "Bicycle bowls, pop-can planes, flowers made from old phone books." * When Woge describes the phone-book flowers -- "If you look closely, you can see the writing on the petals. So definitely a great use for something we otherwise throw away." * When Frey explains, "Woge isn't only the owner ... she's also the artist and creates many of the items," then urges, "Check out the bottlecap sunburst mirror, bowls woven from telephone wires, and outdoor rugs that don't rot." * When Woge shows off her clever take on rugs -- "Designed to go outside to be hosed off, you can dump a bucket of soapy water -- and they are made from recycled plastics." When she adds, "Sometimes I'll get here in the morning and there'll be bags on my doorstep and you never know what's gonna be inside them, so, it's kind of exciting, kinda scary." What We Learned: That this is one place you can't get a $5 foot-long! Unanswered Question: Why didn't you do this story in the summer, when I needed an outdoor rug? News Value: 3. I'm down with the green idea, but I'd much rather (yes, this is a first!) see KDKA's Dave Crawley tackle this piece. I'd rather get something hokey that leaves me all feel-goody inside than Frey's insipid interpretation of such a fantastic store. I admit, though, I really want to check it out now ...



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