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The Buck Stops Here

Summary: Just "across state lines" in Wintersville, Ohio, a young boy is attacked by a deer! Reporter: Timyka Artist, WPXI Channel 11 Airtime: 1 minute, 45 seconds on Oct. 13 Visuals: * Grainy film, apparently from the police-cruiser camera, of the antlered perpetrator -- shown five times throughout the story. Highlights: * When anchor Peggy Finnegan breaks the news: "A backyard attack! A buck versus a little boy! It's an unusual story. We don't often hear about deer attacking people." * When anchor David Johnson observes, "But a little boy has the bruises to prove this." * When Artist reports, "A backyard football game took a dangerous turn Saturday when a deer came out of the woods to make the tackle on 7-year-old Brandon Hiles." * When Brandon gives us the play-by-play: "I'm playing football and then the football rolled down into the woods, so I went to go get it, and then the deer started charging at me." * When Artist adds, "The deer stuck its horns into Brandon and flipped him over. It left him with a bruise and gash, but it could have been worse if 9-year-old Wyatt Pugh didn't help." * When Pugh says, "I started running, but then I looked back and he was getting attacked, and then I grabbed a stick and started beating it." * When Artist explains, "They got away and ran to Wyatt's grandmother to call 911. ... Wintersville, Ohio, patrolman Art Fowler Jr. and his [canine] got to the scene quickly. As soon as the cruiser stopped, the deer that attacked Brandon walked right by!" * When the officer offers this rudimentary animal-sex lesson: "The male deer are coming into rut. Um, what that means is, they're starting to get aggressive, their hormones are starting to come into play." * When Artist assures us, "[Police] got Brandon off to the hospital and helped calm down all the kids. Brandon and Wyatt are doing just fine now. They're back home playing in the yard, back to being boys, once again." What We Learned: The Steelers might want to start scouting the forests next time they need a defensive lineman. Unanswered Question: Where is the obligatory advice about how to handle an encounter with a horny deer? News Value: 6. Though not the hardest-hitting news, it was a great story about friendship, and it was fun to watch the children as they told their story. Officer Fowler was a hoot as well.

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