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Summary: A preview of the Marilyn Monroe: Life as a Legend exhibit at The Andy Warhol Museum. Reporter: Dave Crawley, KDKA Channel 2 Airtime: 1 minute, 58 seconds on Oct. 29 Highlights: * When anchor Patrice King Brown meanders her way around this wordy intro: "Well, they say, or Andy Warhol said, that everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. And that of course is Andy Warhol, Pittsburgh native's, famous quote. It doesn't do justice to one of his favorite celebrities, though." * When Crawley reflects (slowwwly), "Andy Warhol was a painter and a collector. And he especially enjoyed painting and collecting celebrities. And there was no greater celebrity in the world of glamour than Marilyn Monroe. Forty-eight years after her death from an overdose, her aura still shines bright at The Andy Warhol Museum." * When museum director Tom Sokolowski says, "Warhol himself always said you can't tell if someone has 'it' until they appear on camera, whether it's a still camera or  movie camera. And you just sort of see how she learns how to have 'it' -- that famous head thrown back, lips with the bright red lipstick -- and it's just amazingly alluring." * When Crawley cuts in, "The former Norma Jean Baker came to despise the image she had worked so hard to cultivate." * Sokolowski posits, "Here was someone who was so beautiful, desired by all for her beauty, for her sex appeal, what have you, but somehow she never felt up to the job." * When Crawley continues, "Unhappy marriages to playwright Arthur Miller and Hall-of-Famer Joe DiMaggio added to a story that continues to captivate. Warhol cropped this photograph to create his famous series of silkscreen portraits -- happy images." * When Sokolowski contrasts, "You never really would see her in those dark moments, and nowadays we seem, and the press seems, to revel in seeing [those]." * And then there's this sign-off: "Remembering the legend, I'm Dave Crawley." What We Learned: Dave Crawley remembers. Unanswered Question: Why did KDKA send Crawley to do this story? There are no grandmothers, no crafts -- and no puppies! News Value: 5. KDKA gives us the rote Marilyn spiel we've all heard before, but gets by with this one because Sokolowski is always a great interview subject.

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